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Founded in 2016 by Marc Nomblot and Virginie Fournier, Oeuf de Beaune specializes in concrete eggs.

Used for fermenting and maturing wines, the ovoid tanks allow the creation of a vortex which will promote a permanent circulation of the elements.

The lees are resuspended naturally thanks to the temperature changes in the cellar. A movement favored by the shape of the tank, which has no angle. With its original shape and roundness, the “egg” vat is reminiscent of Roman dolias, these large terracotta jars that could hold up to 2,000 liters and were already used for aging wine.

The natural concrete used for the production is microporous, allowing micro-oxygenation of the wines. It breathes and helps absorb thermal shocks. The rise in temperature of the wine is thus done gradually.


Cement tanks

The ovoid concrete tank can be a complement to the barrel or the whole blend can be aged “in egg”, allowing the best preservation of the fruit and freshness. The aromas develop optimally and thanks to the vortex movement, stirring is not necessary.

All vats are handcrafted and poured in one go. Exclusively spring water, synonymous with high purity, clay-based cement, Loire sand and Burgundy gravel are used to make this 100% French product.

These vats, used for winemaking or aging, are suitable for all types of wines, white, red or rosé. Delivered raw, they can benefit from options such as thermometer, drain, coil or fixed cooling system, etc. They do not contain any metal frame and can therefore be transported and moved easily.


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