Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell filter sheets

No we sell the actual Sheet Filter Machine.

Do you sell Capsules

No we don’t, we sell natural corks (100 in a packet) and wax as a alternative.

Do we sell chemicals

Yes we sell small quantities for garagiste (solfosol, antiflor, tartaric acid and metabisulphate).

Do you buy and sell 2nd hand equipment

Yes we do, at Wine Machinery Group we have created a platform for buyers and sellers to interact. Visit the classifieds page for more info. 

Do you sell small barrels

Yes, the smallest barrels we sell are 50 litres and 100 litres. 

Do you sell wine

We do not sell our own wine, rather the equipment used by many great wine farms around the country. 

Do you offer a delivery service

Yes, we can make use of a courier of your choice.

Are you open on Weekends

Yes, we are open on weekends during harvest time. 

Do you only sell to the wineries

No, we sell to all wineries, garagiste and the general public. 

Do you custom make products

Yes, we do in-house welding.