Amphora as a Blending Component

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Amphora as a blending component

Last week I wrote about amphora wines and how exciting it is to have wines 100% from one vessel. BUT amphorae are a great blending component too!

Here is some feedback from the winemakers:

Alastair Rimmer

‘The effect of the amphora, for us, has been quite profound and without a lot of tweaking in our winemaking approach (with regards to ripeness levels etc.) the resultant wines display a greater level of precision. It is hard to describe but the amphora wines across a wide range of varieties and regions all seem to show a vibrance and a purity that we do not see with vinification in other vessels.”

Alastair Rimmer

Klaas Stoffberg at Babylonstoren

‘The amphora is a great building block as a fermentation and storage vessel in our unwooded wines. Specifically our Chenin blanc and the Viognier and Semillon portion of our white blend. The microporosity of the amphora adds minerality and complexity to the wines as well as good structure and mid-palate. Overall the amphora enhances the purity of fruit which is our aim in our unwooded wines.”


Sjaak Nelson
from Jordan Winery

The Amphora adds a minerality to our wines, we use it in combination with oak barrels and it adds a component of freshness and minerality and boosts the natural fruit.

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