Trust Quercus Tank Staves

Quercus French: Steeped in tradition, Quercus French staves are sourced from our dedicated barrel stave production facility in the center of France. Selected by expert craftsmen strictly for use in winemaking, not commercial lumber applications, Quercus French oak reflects the fine attributes of these prized forests. Once air-dried in France and Hungary for 30-36 months these staves provide a discerning choice for winemakers.

Quercus Hungarian: Revitalized and reinvigorated, the widespread use and broad acceptance of Hungarian oak has forever changed oak in winemaking. Quercus Hungarian oak is sourced from the finest forests selected for their desirable physical, chemical and enological characteristics. Each stave is air-dried at our facility in southern Hungary for a minimum of 30 months where abundant rains and hot summers soften the oak tannins.

Quercus American: Robust and reliable, Quercus American oak is sourced from Minnesota and the northern Midwest. Once air-dried for 36 months, robust tannins soften while retaining the integrity and character of American oak.

10 kg, 4m2 packaging



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