Della Toffola AI Continuous Press

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Intelligent – fully automatic pneumatic presses

What you need to know:

  • AI System
  • Optimizes pressing cycles for each product
  • 30% less time for processing time than required by current Della Toffola presses

Della Toffola AI Continuous Press

The presses detect the type and quantity of product loaded. An AI system optimizes pressing cycles for each product, in this way permitting a dramatic reduction in processing time. More precisely: 30% less time.

These new, smart, automatic presses will be equipped with new-concept automatic washing systems featuring robotized arms and dynamic sprayballs that direct jets of water over designated routes for optimum cleaning of every part with no operator intervention at all. In short, every phase (loading, pressing, unloading, rinsing, washing) is managed by the machine.

Operators are no longer required for pre-setting, supervision, control, or cleaning operations.

These “smart” presses will be paired in the range to continuous flow pressing centers. The system will comprise a cluster of three or more presses that process a continuous flow of input and output. The pressing center maximizes quality and efficiency to degrees never seen in the market before while maintaining wide versatility at the same time.



Customer Feedback:

‘Technologically the most advanced pressing system world wide, superb juice run off both in quality & efficiency. With the AI & automatic function we have reduced manpower, costs, time & energy.’ – Pieter Carstens, Leeuwenkull fv


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