January felt like a whole year…

but most of our containers are here and we have stock! Please contact Erica for stock of the following: Trust barrels Quercus oak alternatives Please contact Vanessa for stock of the following: Francois freres french barrels Ap John american oak barrels Manetti Amphora Oeuf de Beaune cement eggs Also a reminder that we have a…

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Happy New Year!

Harvest 2024 | Are you ready

January has started with a bang! Our containers are arriving steadily and our workshop is busy getting orders out. Are you ready for Harvest 2024? Have you serviced your pumps, flotation, SO2 cans? Do you have enough thermometers, balling meters and buckets, etc? Have you ordered your barrels or wood alternatives? We have everything you…

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Harvest essentials

Wine Machinery Group | WMG | Della Toffola AI Continuous Press

    Happy Valentines day from the WMG team! Harvest 2023 is in full swing, we have stock of all the little things that will make harvest easier! Bailing meters, thermometers, cylinders, refractometers etc. We also import Merlett  hose all the way from Italy! We have stock of Heliflex, Kannaflex and Pluton hose and can…

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Order Time

It is almost the end of September… Last chance to order eggs, amphora and early barrels It feels like this year that was already flying by has just been fast forwarded. Suddenly Cape Wine is next week and we need to start prepping and loading containers. As you are aware shipping is still a nightmare…

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Foudres, Amphoras and Cement Eggs

  With the end of the year rapidly approaching it is time to order the larger vessels for next years harvest. Please contact me for any pricing or quotes. Best wishes Vanessa vanessa@wmg.co.za

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Barrel Varnish

Barrel Varnish | Wine Machinery Group

We have imported a barrel varnish that wineries use in France. It is a clear water varnish designed to protect and decorate barrels and casks. This protection doesn’t affect the wine and it protects the barrel while still allowing gaseous exchanges of water vapor and oxygen between the barrel and its environment. Majority of wineries…

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What’s happening at WMG

  Good morning It feels like harvest has just finished but we are already planning the rest of the year and placing orders for the 2023 vintage. What’s happening at WMG… AMPHORA SYMPOSIUM We are planning a symposium for 28th July showcasing our Manetti amphora and the amphora wines made in them. There is limited…

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Stock Barrels and Alternatives

Wine Machinery Group | WMG | Some Popular Machines

Just a quick reminder that Erica and I have stock of our barrels and alternatives if you find harvest is bigger than expected.   For Trust barrels and Oak alternatives email Erica at erica@wmg.co.za.   For Francois frères and AP John barrels and Amphora email Vanessa at vanessa@wmg.co.za.   Happy Harvesting!

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Best Wine Hose in SA

Wine Machinery Group | WMG | Best Wine Hose in SA

In case you haven’t heard we’ve got wine hose…. We have sourced some high quality hose from Merlett, Italy. Mèrlett Technoplastic is a leading manufacturer of flexible plastic technical hoses. It has been around since 1952 and among Merlett’s strengths are the materials that it uses, which are already suitable and certified at the time…

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Season 2022

Wine Machinery Group | WMG | Season 2022

We are on the road, busy seeing clients for harvest 2022. Let us know if we can send you the pricelists or would like us to pop in.   Contact Vanessa at vanessa@wmg.co.za for * Francois Freres barrels * AP John Barrels * Francois Foudre * Manetti Amphora * Oeuf de Beaune cement eggs and…

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Some Popular Machines

Wine Machinery Group | WMG | Some Popular Machines

Eco-flot Flotator This model of flotator is highly versatile because once the liquid has been saturated while the must is pumping over, a sample is collected to analyse the quality of the product: if this is still not adequate, pumping over and saturation can continue for as long as necessary.   Reserve Osmosis System MOVIRO…

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Oeuf de Beaune Cement Eggs

Wine Machinery Group | WMG | Cement tanks | Oeuf de Beaune Cement Eggs

Founded in 2016 by Marc Nomblot and Virginie Fournier, Oeuf de Beaune specializes in concrete eggs. Used for fermenting and maturing wines, the ovoid tanks allow the creation of a vortex which will promote a permanent circulation of the elements. The lees are resuspended naturally thanks to the temperature changes in the cellar. A movement…

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Barrel Care

Wine Machinery Group | WMG | Barrel Hygiene

Just popping in to remind you of the correct barrel maintenance techniques. 1. Cleaning Used Barrels Once emptied of wine, barrels should be inverted to near the 6 o’clock position, drained and then rinsed with high pressure (100-3,000 psi) cold water for three minutes using a barrel washer with a rotating spray head. Rinsing helps…

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South Africa Amphora Wines

Wine Machinery Group | WMG | Manetti Gusmano & Figli

8 Generations of Manetti’s working with terracotta and 7 years of WMG importing their beautiful amphorae The first amphorae we imported were for Grande Provence Winery, Karl Lambour fermented Chenin Blanc grapes on their skins, each year pushing it longer and longer till they found the optimal number of months on skins. The result is a vibrant green…

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September Means Spring Time

Wine Machinery Group | WMG | September means spring time

We are receiving our first containers of Amphora for 2021 harvest season.  We have about 150 of these beautiful amphora in the South African wine industry at the moment, and it seems like the demand is not slowing down. We get a lot of questions about what exactly makes the Manetti Amphora unique. The entirely…

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Trust Cooperage
Rebranding and new product lines

Wine Machinery Group | WMG | Trust Cooperage | Rebranding and new product lines

Trust Hungary Rt is located in southern Hungary in the town of Szigetvar.   Established in 1992, Trust supplied Hungarian oak staves to American winemakers. Their favourable feedback about the many exceptional qualities of Hungarian oak led to rapid expansion that laid the groundwork for the state-of-the-art new cooperage. In February of this year Erica had the…

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AP John American Oak, Forest Selections

Wine Machinery Group | WMG | AP John American Oak | Oak Selections

Ap John Coopers The John family first settled in South Australia’s world-renowned Barossa Valley in the 1840s. Since then, five generations of the John Family have continued an unbroken connection with the viticulture, winemaking and coopering industries within the Barossa valley. Today the business is managed by the fourth-generation master cooper Peter John – great-grandson…

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Pricelist for Foudre and Amphora

Wine Machinery Group | WMG | Pricelist for foudre and amphora

  We hope you are well and enjoying all the wonderful rain. Our amphora price list is out for next year, let us know if you are interested and we will put your name down for the tastings in July/August. Lastly, we also have a range of wooden Foudres and Casks available for ferment or…

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Amphora as a Blending Component

Wine Machinery Group | WMG | Amphora as a Blending Component

Amphora as a blending component Last week I wrote about amphora wines and how exciting it is to have wines 100% from one vessel. BUT amphorae are a great blending component too! Here is some feedback from the winemakers: Alastair Rimmer ‘The effect of the amphora, for us, has been quite profound and without a…

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Oeuf De Beaune | New Product Launch

Wine Machinery Group | WMG | Oeuf De Beaune | New Product Launch

We are excited to announce a  New Product Launch   We have partnered with Oeuf de Beaune, founded in 2016 by Marc Nomblot and Virginie Fournier, to bring you an exciting range of cement products.   They handcraft a range of cement eggs and tanks made from 100% all natural French products -spring water, clay-based…

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WMG Event

Wine Machinery Group | WMG | WMG Event

You are invited to join the WMG team for a fun day of mountain biking and trail running at our Winemakers Mountain trail Get-together day. Friday 31st August at Paul Cluver. Entry fee is R150 per person which will include a race pack with a food and drink voucher (bring extra cash to support the…

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