Palletizer – Acmi Rasar P135

Date: 11/02/2020
Posted by: Mark Sleigh
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Palletizer – Acmi Rasar P135
Machine type: Palletizer
Manufacturer: Acmi
Model:Rasar P135
Speed:5000 BPH
Format:5 L
Condition:In production
Safety features: Yes
Manuals: Yes
Product type:Carton
Palletizer Type:Conventional Automatic
Type of operation:Fixed
Type of Handling:High level
Layering/Padding system: Yes
Pallet storage availability: Yes
Supported pallet dimensions:Eur-Epal pallet, 800×1200 mm
The Rasar P135 is a fixed pallet palletizer. The loading surface moves only vertically and reaches a palletising speed of 210 layers / hour.
It can have entry products from below or from above
Self-regulating guides for layer compaction
In addition to packages, cartons and bundles, the machine can process 5-liter PET bottles, cases, cartons and trays
Touch screen operator panel
The lifting phase is managed by two motors
The P135 H version with top loading also supports the multiliner configuration, ie the possibility of simultaneously palletizing different products
The Rasar P135H is the top-loading version of the P135 model. The application can be used in those layouts characterized by production and warehouse placed on different levels or in the case where there is the need to obtain a work space below the palletizer.

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