Blow Moulding Machine – SIAPI EA4

Date: 08/01/2020
Posted by: Mark Sleigh
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Machine type:Blow Moulding Machine
Speed:5000 BPH
Machine hours:41907 hours
Condition:In production
Safety features:Yes
Weight:5400 kg
No. of cavities:4
Preform loader:Yes
Preforms tipper:No
Preforms unscrambler:Yes
Preform neck type:Max.45/55 mm
Air Recovery System:No
Neck: Max.45/55 mm.
Production: 5000 bph

Max volume: 8.000 ml.
Mold pitch 200 mm
Machine. operating 24 hours – well maintained

Automatic cycle time: 41907 h – Blown bottles: 107.689.755

The machine is in good general condition in terms of maintenance and use.

In general, it does not require, at least visually, extensive maintenance, from verification made on our archives, the customer bought in 2009 some components of the manipulator, the pantograph, rack and some ironing components, also in this case autonomously provides maintenance.

The machine needs a general cleaning in the zones of greasing movement bottoms, toggle and ironing from what has been seen, following some general considerations on the status of some fundamental groups:

• Transport – heating in good general conditions, we recommend replacing the spindle insertion cam, installing the spindle insertion safety device.

• Spindles in good general condition.

• Load group does not require maintenance.

• press and kneepads are in good general condition, probably the toggle maintenance was made by them with their components.

• planned progress does not highlight particular criticalities,

• ironing in good condition, recommended replacement of gaskets, rack and pinion are in good condition.

• blowing system we recommend the replacement of blowing valves and maintenance of pressure reducers.

• oven requires cleaning, to be evaluated if necessary replacement lamps (they are expensive as Adphos with NIR technology).

• Bottom movement does not seem to be critical, to check the idling pins with respect to the cams, if the cams are reversed.

• preform load and belt transmission, there are no particular critical points.

• manipulator fluid movements, no problems are highlighted, it is the only existing manipulator with pinion feed – rack, some components for maintenance were supplied in 2009, to replace the cable chain.

• pantograph in good condition.

• preferential oven requires a cleaning and replacement of lamps without gilding.

• in-line unloading has been eliminated and replaced by a conveyor belt, to be kept in mind that the exhaust system, presently present in the machine, does not guarantee that the containers remain standing on the belt.

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